Miscellaneous photographs

The following photos represent some of the history of the club, click one to open it up. More will be added as they become available and If anyone has any pictures that could loaned for copying, please let Bill Phelps know by emailing from the contact page. All photos will be scanned and returned to the owner.

2019 September 1st - start
The build of our new 10m indoor airgun range - follow the build in the pictures

2018 December
Drone photos of our site - courtesy of Des G

2015 July 18th
River range refurbishment progress:

2015 April
50m wing wall has now been repaired - and good it looks too.

2014 March
we have a new Bridge restriction sign - makes one wonder!!

At least we managed to get the relaying of the 50m/100yd firing point ready for the summer season.
first dig up the old firing point then from this to this

2013 August
The Gabion work on the river bank was completed during August. Having had this work planned for a number of years, the problems have at last been sorted and the bank should now be well protected for many years to come.

With the planned installation of the gabions to protect the river bank and the stop butt wall now being completed, the opportunity was taken to make a start on the refurbishment of the river range as seen in the final photo above.

Past club Championships

Other photos - undated

2010 - The riverside 25m range, originally used for 25m Rapid fire and Standard pistol. Now in need of refurbishment and not in use at present.

2010 - The 50m and 100 yard ranges

2010 - The car park and the river Llynfi looking North. The river acts as the western boundary of our property.

2010 - Inside the new clubhouse.

2010 - The indoor range for 25yard prone shooting and 10m Airgun. Plus the old clubhouse now used as a target store, assembly area and for stats during a competition shoot.

2009 - saw remedial work being carried out on the 1983 25m International range

1995 - The base was laid for the new clubhouse which was eventually completed in 1999.

1983 - The Comonwealth Shooting Federation Championships were held at Tondu. The new 25m range is shown setup for Rapid Fire Pistol and was only completed the day before the shoot and, as you can see, the ground was a bit of a quagmire. It has improved a little since then.

1980 - New lighting was installed on the indoor range as well as a screen around the Rifle shooting 25yard plinth to improve the area for use during the winter. Also a baffle was erected to protect the roof and to bring the range up to the correct criteria for shooting Pistols.

1980 - Derek Perriam, left, discusses shooting with a new member.

1975 - Making use of the compressor, a set of Turning targets were squeezed into the indoor range and the silhouette targets can be seen on the right.

1974 - The club decided that the original sleeper stop butt walls were beyond repair so it was decided to demolish the 25 yard and 50 yard walls and build a completely new wall at 50 metres to give the club 20 firing points at 50m. The wall was built in blockwork and to the criteria required at the time. The new criteria also required the 100 yard wall to be heightened and extended each side.

1972c - A set of turning target frames that were originally used for the 1948 London Olympics Rapid fire Pistol event were acquired from Bisley and installed on the river range. Compressed air was needed to operate the turners and this photo shows Bill Phelps and Gary Hellstrom about to start the Donkey engine compressor that was housed in a small shed behind the stop butt wall.

1972 - Pistol was shot from 20 yards on the indoor range. Dennis Bailey on the left, Gary Hellstrom centre and Eddie Childs on the right. Note the wooden boarded windows along the right wall of the range - these were blocked up by Glyn Jones a few years later during a re-furbishment.

1972 - Pistol shooting started to take off during the 1960's and this photo shows - left to right - Glyn Jones, Bill Phelps, Mike Cockel, Tony Sharp, Paul Farrugia and Ian Dunn. The old stove in the centre of the room ran on transformer oil and would glow red and heat the clubroom very well during the winter.

Taken a few years later and showing cards on positions number 1 to 9 on the 50 yard range during a Glamorgan County shoot. The sleeper wall now showing signs of disintegration.

1951 - The 25yard, 50 yard and 100 yard ranges, note the grass firing point. The Indoor range and clubhouse, on the left, was built with fire bricks from the nearby Tondu Brickworks by Reg Williams in 1950.

1914. Saved from a skip in 2015 comes this fabulous photo. The club won three of the four shields that were available at the ninth annual meeting of the Welsh Miniature Rifle Association, held at Magam Park over three days, commencing Whit Monday.
The Dewar Shield was won by the Tondu C team for 10 shots in 90 seconds with a score of 357. Tondu B came in second.
The Griffiths Shield was for a team of four at 25 yards. The Tondu team was J.Power 99: W.Butson 99: A Cloke 98: C.Berryman 98 - total 394
The Marks shield was for a team of 8 at 25 yards as the Welsh Championship club. The final was between the Cwmparc Club and Tondu A. Scores being: Cwmparc 769: Tondu 772. A.Cloke shot a 'possible', with J.T.Hopkins and J.Moles both shooting 99.

The Photograph is titled TONDU MINATURE RIFLE CLUB 1914 and has been framed and hung in the club house where it can be studied closer. The photo is believed to be the actual one mantioned in the report printed in the Glamorgan Gazette on the 24th July 1914 and it can be seen on the club History page.