Range calendar

The club and it's ranges are available for use 
by members 7 full days a week.
However there must be at least two members present prior to shooting and at least one must be a full member with committee approved clubhouse access. All shooting must cease by 10pm each day.
Any special events that might restrict range use are listed at the foot of this page.

We have seven ranges available for members use. They are:
1. 25m outdoor river range - 5 firing points
2. 10m and 25yard Indoor range - 3 firing points
3. 50m outdoor range - 18 firing points
4. 100 yard outdoor range - 6 firing points
5. 25m outdoor gallery range  - 10 firing points
10m indoor airgun range - 5 firing points
7. Outdoor Field Target range - not in use at present

Range 7, the 10m indoor airgun range, is closed on Thursday afternoons for Visually Impaired sessions, which are not 'open' for anyone to simply join. We have limited places, and VI shooters for the Thursday afternoon sessions are referred from 'Bridgevis'. Anyone who wishes to join these sessions as a VI shooter needs to contact Bridgevis first, or they can contact the club for further information, as we may be able to help.

Restricted Dates for 2023

WSRA development squad training - part of 50m range useage

April = Sunday 23rd
May = Saturday 11th
June = Sunday 11th
July = Saturday 29th
August = No training
September = Sunday 10th
October = Saturday 21st

2024 WSRA confined and Open Welsh 50m championships - full 50m and 100yd ranges
22nd - 23rd June

2024 Tondu Dragon shoot - part 50m and 100 yd ranges - full 50m and 100 yd ranges
15th September