Range calendar

The ranges are available for members use every day and the following calendar is by no means comprehensive, regarding shooting sessions. There are some useage notes below the calendar:

Tondu has six ranges available for use. They are:
1. 25m river range
2. 10m and 25yd Indoor range
3. 50m range
4. 100 yard range
5. 25m fullbore range
6. Field Target range

Induction courses for probationers are held at 10.30am, on the first Saturday of the month. Probationers are expected to attend one of the courses during their three month probationary period.

Do please note that the indoor range is closed for the VI and Stroke rehabilitation sessions, which are not 'open' for anyone to simply join. We have limited places, and for the Friday morning Stroke sessions, we only take Stroke shooters referred by 'Stroke Bridgend'. VI shooters for the Thursday afternoon sessions are usually referred from 'Bridgevis'. Anyone who wishes to join either of these sessions needs to contact the appropriate association first, or can contact the club for further information, as we may be able to help.

Otherwise, apart from the VI and Stroke sessions and their use of the indoor range, our club and all it's ranges are available for use by members 7 full days a week.
Consequently, the above calendar shows only the main regular sessions and events and is not intended to be comprehensive.