Joining details

So, you're interested in joining our club?

Firstly - you are very welcome to attend the club for an informal chat and a look around, with Saturday or Sunday mornings being the best options. However, please note that we are a member only club and do not offer taster sessions. This is to comply with current Firearms legislation and the terms of our insurance policy, which only covers members. To shoot, you would need to become a Probationary member.

So, to continue, these are the initial requirements of membership that you need to be aware of:

All new members are required to attend an Induction Course before shooting and you need to contact the Membership Secretary by email in order to book a place and obtain a Probationary Members Application form. 

PLEASE ensure that you complete your application form correctly and legibly, as we have had examples of:
Incorrect or ineligible home addresses.
Incorrect or ineligible email addresses.
incorrect or ineligible phone numbers.

If you are unable to download and print off the application form then explain that to the Membership Secretary in your first email contact.

You will also need to bring with you to the Induction Course, one passport size photo and the requisite probationary joining fee(as listed at the bottom of this page. There is a need for your application form to be countersigned by a committee member after sight of some form of identity that proves who you are and where you live. A passport or photo driving licence would be more than adequate. That verification can be carried out during your attendance at the Induction Course.

During the induction course, a shooting record form will be made up for you and you will be issued with a membership swipe card. The card is to be worn during all visits and is used to record your attendance at the ranges. Its full use will be explained at the induction course

Once you have attended an Induction Course, there is then a probationary period of at least 3 months. This is something that is a legal requirement for non-Firearms Certificate holders and is required by the club for all applicants. The probationary period will not be an exact 3 months as all applications for full membership have to be approved by the club committee and that will depend on the date of the next available committee meeting. Your probationary period can be extended by the committee if they think fit.

 By completing and handing in your application form you will then be insured under the clubs insurance policy effected through the NSRA.

There is an 'Introduction document' in PDF format, which can be downloaded from the documents page on this website. It provides a précis of information about our ranges and the various shooting disciplines.

You will also find, posted in the clubhouse, a set of range rules and these must be adhered to - please read them, as they are important. They can also be found in PDF format on the club documents page.


Current membership fees.

Joining fees - payable on application
Full member - fee - £32
Junior member - fee - £16
Family member - fee - £32
Family Junior - fee - £16

Annual fees due annually on the 1st July
Full member - annual fee - £126
Junior member - annual fee -  £31.50
Family Member - annual fee - £31.50
Senior citizen - annual fee - £94.50 (reference 5.9 above)

Percentage fees apply to annual fees, if joining part way through the year. It is also possible to pay a subscription on a monthly bank standing order basis after agreement with the Treasurer.