Joining details

So, you're interested in joining our club?

Firstly - you are very welcome. However, please note that we are a member only club and do not offer taster sessions. This is to comply with current Firearms legislation and the terms of our insurance policy, which only covers members. To shoot you would need to become a Probationary member.

So, to continue, there are some requirements of membership that you need to be aware of:

All new members are required to do a probationary period of at least 3 months. This is something that is a legal requirement and consequently required by the club. The probationary period will not be an exact 3 months as all applications for membership have to be approved by the club committee and that will depend on the date of the next available committee meeting. Your probationary period can be extended by the club if the committee think fit, especially if you fail to adhere to the following: -

1. You must fill in and complete a membership application form and supply one passport size photo and the requisite probationary membership fee. The form can be downloaded from the club documents page, or one can be picked up in the clubhouse. There is a need for the form to be countersigned by a Full Club Member after sight of some form of photograpic identity, such as a passport or photo driving licence. The completed form, photograph and probationary membership fee must go to the membership secretary and are best left in the grey document box in the clubhouse, preferably on a Sunday morning when the club is always open. All fees are listed at the end of this page, where there is also a link to an application form. By completing and handing in your application form you will then be insured under the clubs insurance policy effected through the NSRA.

2. Once your membership application form has been received you should be given an "Introduction document" to take away and read. The Introduction document can also be downloaded from the Documents page on this website. It provides a precis of information about our ranges and the various shooting disciplines. A shooting record form will be made up for you and placed in the Probationers book. The Membership Secretary will, within the following two weeks, make up an identity card, which you are required to wear whilst on club premises. There is a small plastic box next to the Secretarial notice board in the clubroom and your probationary card will be left there for you.

3. Your shooting record form, mentioned in 2 above, is specifically for you to record the dates of attendance and the firearms that you use each time you come to the club. It is important that you complete this shooting record as the committee will refer to it when considering your application to become a full member. As soon as you become a full member your shooting record form will be transferred to the full members books which can be found in the blue binders on the same table as the attendance Diary. Again, like the need for all members to sign in the diary, you must continue to complete your shooting record as a full member, as these records are checked by the police from time to time and the club has a legal responsibility to record the firearms used by the club members.

4. Each and every time that you attend the club you MUST sign in and record your time of arrival in the diary which is on the far end of the counter on the left as you enter the clubroom. It is a club requirement that EVERY member signs in. The time of leaving the premises is also to be recorded in the diary. Please always remember to do this, even after you become a full member.

5. During your probationary period the club expects you to attend a reasonable number of times and show us that you are interested in target shooting by actually shooting and are safe in doing so. It is not sufficient to attend the club, sign in and then leave. There is no minimum requirement for a number of attendances and if the committee feels that you have not been often enough, and shot, then the committee may well extend your probationary membership period. If, during the probationary period, you are unable to attend, it is important that you let a club official know.

6. The club owns a number of firearms and airguns and, as a probationary member you are able to use these, under supervision. The club also holds a stock of ammunition and you may buy some for your shooting. However, you must not, under any circumstances, take any ammuntion away from the club premises until you hold a Firearm Certificate which permits you to have live ammunition with you. If at the end of your shooting, you have some ammunition remaining, that can be kept at the club for your future use. It should be noted that club guns can only be issued by an appointed club armourer and if no armourer is present when you attend the club, then you need to enter the fact on your shooting record, which can then be considered in support of your application by the club committee.

7. You will find, posted in the clubhouse, a set of range rules and these must be adhered to - please read them, as they are important. They can also be found in PDF format on the club documents page.

8. Whilst you are a probationary member you are not permitted to apply for a Firearms Certificate, but that does not preclude you obtaining the necessary forms and preparing them. Please do take advice from a club official on the completion of these forms. All applications to the police for the grant of a Firearms Certificate are checked with the club and the club has to confirm that you are a full member. The committee will be alarmed, and may well take disciplinary action, if a probationary member makes an early application for a Firearms Certificate prior to being approved as a full club member.

9. Finally, when you handle firearms, safety is of paramount importance - do listen to and heed advice on this subject, as anyone considered to be unsafe on the ranges is unlikely to have their membership approved by the committee. Instructions for the safe handling of firearms, airguns and their bottles can be found in a PDF format file on the Club Documents page.


The following is an extract from the clubs constitution regarding membership - the full constitution can be found on the Club Documents page : -

5.1 Membership of the Club shall be open to individuals interested in target shooting who agree to abide by all the rules of the Club, have been duly approved by the Committee, and have paid the ruling membership fees.

5.2 Membership of the Club shall be open, and not restricted on the grounds of sex, race or of political, religious or other opinions, to any person who is prepared to accept and support the objectives of the Club and are not debarred from membership of an approved club or possession of a firearm by the relevant sections of the Firearms Acts.

5.3 Probationary membership of up to six (6) months duration will apply in respect of new members.

5.4 Family membership will cover spouse/partner and issue receiving full time education. In all other respects Family Members will have the same rights and responsibilities as other full members of the Club, with the exception of voting rights at General Meetings.

5.5 Members under the age of 21 years will be regarded as junior members. People under the age of 25 who are in full time education shall be regarded as junior members.

5.6 Life Member. A Member shall be eligible to become a Life Member subject to approval by the Committee and on payment of such sum to the Club funds as may from time to time be approved at an AGM.

5.7 Life Honorary Member. Any person deemed worthy may be elected Life Honorary Member at an Annual General Meeting and shall not be liable to pay subscriptions.

5.8 Refusal of membership. The Committee shall have power to refuse any application for membership. Any person whose membership it is proposed to refuse may be invited to appear before the Committee to make any representation he/she may wish, or to make a representation to the Committee in writing. Any applicant whose membership has been refused under the rule shall not have any claim on the Club for any subscription, fees paid or other costs incurred.

5.9 Subscriptions. Annual and other subscriptions shall be those approved at a General Meeting and shall be payable on the 1st July each year. Junior members,  and Senior Citizens shall pay a reduced membership fee as determined by a General Meeting. Members joining the club after the 2010 AGM must be fully paid up members of the club for not less than five years before they are eligible for the senior citizens reduced membership fee.

5.10 If such subscriptions have not been paid by the end of August, such a member should have shown good reason to the Membership Secretary for non payment of such subscriptions and have had such good reason accepted. Otherwise, he/she will be deemed to have forfeited his/her membership at 30th September, and shall forfeit any club prizes won during the current year. If he/she re-applies for membership that person will be considered as a new member under Rule 5.3.

Current membership fees, approved at the AGM on 16th April 2018, are: -

Joining fees - payable on application
Full member - fee - £32
Junior member - fee - £16
Family member - fee - £32
Family Junior - fee - £16

Annual fees due annually on the 1st July
Full member - annual fee - £126
Junior member - annual fee -  £31.50
Family Member - annual fee - £31.50
Senior citizen - annual fee - £94.50 (reference 5.9 above)

Country member - this class of member was deleted at the AGM on 18th May 2016
Percentage fees apply to annual fees, if joining part way through the year. It is also possible to pay a subscription on a monthly bank standing order basis after agreement with the Treasurer.

An application form etc can be found by following this link to the Club Documents page